First-ever Aeroflot flight carries 50 tonnes of medicines from Hyderabad to Moscow


A cargo-only PAX flight operated by Aeroflot Airlines, the largest airline of the Russian Federation landed at GMR-led Hyderabad International Airport (GHIAL) at 11.17 am on Tuesday, May 05.

The Aeroflot freighter airlifted approximately 50 tonnes of pharmaceuticals, including 20 different types of medicines and vaccines, both in belly as well as fastened cargo-on-seats and departed for Moscow at 12.03 am on Wednesday, May 06.

This is the first time a commercial, one-of-its-kind wide body B777 Passenger to Cargo (P to C) flight landed at Hyderabad International Airport to uplift critical medical essentials to the Russian Federation.

CIS countries have a major demand for pharmaceuticals, and this freighter is expected to open up a direct gateway to the region. CIS countries also have a demand for aerospace, engineering and general cargo.

Considering the same, Hyderabad International Airport is planning to have a regular weekly frequency of this freighter, which if works out, will enable a direct connectivity of Hyderabad to Russia and other CIS (Commonwealth of Independent States) countries.

Recently, an Ethiopian Airlines freighter landed at Hyderabad International Airport, the first direct flight connecting Hyderabad to Africa, ushering a new trade lane for Hyderabad with the markets in Africa and beyond leveraging the robust cargo network of Ethiopian Airlines.

Since the nationwide lockdown started, Hyderabad International Airport witnessed export and import delivery of approximately 5,500 tonnes of cargo.

Majority of it included COVID-19 relief material, pharmaceuticals, engineering, IT, aerospace, console cargo, as well as perishable goods.

With around 200 dedicated and highly motivated personnel working in shifts, Hyderabad International Airport, together with GMR Hyderabad Air Cargo, is working round the clock in close coordination with the customs, ground handlers, forwarders, customs house agents (CHAs), regulators, state police, and cargo trade associations to keep rolling the critical chain of essential supplies.


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