Korean Air’s cargo-only passenger flights hits 10,000 operational milestone


Korean Air operated its 10,000th cargo-only passenger flight on August 01, as it pivoted to the cargo business amid a decline in air travel demand during the pandemic.

Beginning with 38 of these flights in March 2020, the Korean flagship carrier currently operates more than 800 cargo-only flights a month. It launched its first cargo-only passenger flight on the Incheon-Ho Chi Minh route in March last year.

Korean Air has been operating its cargo-only flights on 65 routes to North America, Europe, Southeast Asia, China and Japan, transporting 400,000 tonnes worldwide.

Approximately 40 tonnes are transported per round trip (20 tonnes one-way).

Through close cooperation with the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport and aircraft manufacturers, Korean Air has increased its cargo capacity by utilising overhead bin space, using “cargo seat bags,” a safety device that can load cargo on passenger seats, and removing seats to enable cargo floor loading.

“We expect cargo-only passenger flights to play a more vital role in the second half of the year, when the volume of import and export cargo typically increases,” said a Korean Air representative.

“As a Korean flag carrier, Korean Air will continue its efforts to create a stable logistics environment for imports and exports by actively securing cargo capacity.”


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