Lufthansa Cargo launches specialised COVID-19 vaccine service


Global cargo carrier Lufthansa Cargo recently launched a new service specifically designed for the transport of COVID-19 vaccines.

The airline said that while it already offers efficient transport of COVID-19 vaccines, it has also developed a premium product that is specifically developed for the need.

The product called COVID-19 Temp Premium will be bookable as of January 11 and will provide a “high level of comprehensive and personalised customer service along the travel chain”, including seamless monitoring of vaccine shipments and a 24/7 after sales support.

It also includes high priority capacity access, can be booked throughout the Lufthansa Cargo network and offers “comprehensive security”.

Lufthansa Cargo chief executive Peter Gerber said, “The distribution of temperature- and time-sensitive pharmaceuticals is extremely demanding. We were one of the first airlines to specialise in the transport of medical goods and pharmaceuticals and can therefore draw on many years of experience.”

“Thanks to the recent expansion of our ground infrastructure, we can also handle larger volumes and transport them worldwide while supporting our customers to maintain the cold chain. In 2019, we transported around 100,000 tonnes of pharmaceuticals. We are ready to make another important contribution to overcoming the pandemic by distributing the vaccines worldwide.”


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