MP chief minster to inaugurate international air cargo facility in Pithampur on December 25


The exporters and pharmaceutical companies​ ​of SEZ at Pithampur, Madhy Pradesh can now send their international cargo direct​ly​ from the city. The facility will be launched by the state’s Chief Minister Shankar Lalwani on December 25.

The CM recently held​ a meeting with the representatives of SEZ and non-SEZ companies and​ spoke to them to discuss the issue of using international air cargo​ ​facility at Indore instead of Mumbai.

Lalwani said that exports has a very big role in Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi’s campaign. This is an opportunity that can change the fate of not only the city but​ also the surrounding industries and farmers.

Currently, only 50-60 ton​n​es of pharma products are exported ​daily ​from​ Pithampur. It is sent via road to Mumbai and reaches abroad through​ air cargo. With the introduction of international air cargo facility​ ​from the city, it will be easy to export abroad.

Pharma exports from Pithampur have increased during COVID. According​ to customs officials, earlier there was an export of Rs 800 crore,​ which has now increased to more than Rs 1,000 crore.

​At the meeting, businessmen said that they would soon visit the a​irport and see the​ arrangements.

​The meeting was also attended by MPIDC’s Regional Director Rohan​ Saxena, Symbiotic’s Anil Satwani, In—Charge of Indore Airport Cargo​ ​division, and the representative of FIEO.


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