Oslo Airport re-considers plans to build dedicated seafood terminal


Norway’s busiest Oslo Airport is looking forward to the possibility of adding a dedicated seafood terminal after initial plans fell through in 2019.

Considering the viability of the project, the airport operator, Avinor, has said to have issued a request for information (RFI) from interested parties.

According to reports, Avinor is planning to reach out to stakeholders who might be interested in providing insights into the project and make such facility a success.

Avinor will carry out an assessment which has deadline of October 30th, of whether it would be appropriate to continue with the project.

The next stage would be to launch a formal tendering process.

RFI said in a statement, “The purpose of this information gathering exercise is to enable Avinor to form an understanding of the extent of stakeholders in the market and to gain insight into the key success factors related to such a facility.”

“We are requesting feedback from all operators with an interest in the supply chain, and we would like to map out responses based on individual’s points of view,” the statement added.

The area under consideration for the project measures 20 sq km and has road side and air side access.

The move comes as the airport has experienced rapid growth in its seafood volumes over the last few years as demand for Norwegian seafood has taken off in Asia and North America.


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