Turkish Cargo chosen as the best air cargo brand of Europe


Turkish Cargo has been named the best cargo brand of Europe and received ‘Best Cargo Airline – Europe’ award during the 36th virtual Air Cargo News Awards 2020.

On receiving the award, Turkish Airlines Chairman of the Board and the Executive Committee Member M. İlker Aycı stated, “Receiving the best cargo airline of Europe award, our cargo brand Turkish Cargo continues to make our country proud by maintaining a sustainable success with its air cargo operations conducted to all over the world. Despite the crises that grip the world such as the current pandemic period, Turkish Cargo continues its success story with more effective solutions by developing and using new technologies and innovative approaches.”

He added, “One of the significant examples of these approaches will be the SmartIST, one of the biggest and most modern air cargo facilities in the world. Located in Istanbul Airport, facility will use technologies such as drones, robotic automation and optimization. With its smart technology developments and digitalization works, our brand will soar to many more achievements. I congratulate our flag carrier air cargo brand and all of our employees that contributed to its success.”

As the fastest growing air cargo brand, Turkish Cargo continued its air cargo operations without any interruptions during this global pandemic period and transported food, aid, medicine, masks and medical equipment to all over the world. Carrying on its works selflessly 24/7 to maintain global medicine supply chain, Turkish Cargo managed to carry 1 out of every 20 air cargo in the world.


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