Two Bolloré charters airlifts mission-critical medical aid from Mumbai to Yangon


Bolloré Logistics India successfully operated two charters carrying humanitarian aid and relief and healthcare shipments from Mumbai, India to Yangon, Myanmar for its clients in the sector.

The first flight was carried out on April 29, 2020 with SpiceXpress, the cargo arm of SpiceJet, using its Boeing 737-700F. The second flight was operated on May 15, 2020 with utilising an Indigo Airbus A320 passenger aircraft used as a makeshift freighter.

Bolloré Logistics appointed respective offices in Mumbai and Yangon, to ensure smooth handling of these operations at both ends.

The Bolloré India team proposed the most economical and time-bound solution in close coordination with Myanmar, to its clients who awarded their shipments from various locations within India. The team closely monitored the charter planning and cargo execution to ensure cargo readiness for loading prior to flight arrival to avoid any last-minute delays and rollovers.


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