Diana Schöneich joins as European Head at AirbridgeCargo


Diana Schöneich has recently been appointed as the new European head of the Russian freight carrier, Airbridge Cargo (ABC).

According to the reports, Schoneich succeeds Andrey Andreev, who was vice president (VP) Europe for several years and recently left the carrier unexpectedly to take on the position of deputy managing director of Cargologic Germany, the German airfreight carrier based at Leipzig/Halle Airport.

Schöneich is now senior director European region and is responsible for the carrier’s European business from Frankfurt.

The airfreight manager has been with AirbridgeCargo since April 2018. As deputy VP Europe, she was initially the nominally second-highest manager of the Russian carrier for the sales region Europe after Andreev.

Before joining the airline, she worked in the top management of the two largest handling companies at Cargocity Süd.

From July 2015 to March 2018 she was managing director of the LUG Aircargo Handling handling company; From October 2010 to June 2015 she held the same position at Fraport Cargo Services (FCS), which was renamed Frankfurt Cargo Services after WFS acquired 51 per cent of the company shares in mid-2015.


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