Hermes Logistics Technologies appoints new CTO


Hermes Logistics Technologies (HLT) has appointed Marcus Campbell as its new Chief Technology Officer (CTO) during a successful roll out of its new Hermes 5 (H5) system upgrade for a number of customers worldwide.

Marcus brings over two decades of technology experience to the management role and has worked globally with leading companies including Sony, Oracle, Deloitte, and Accenture, and has significant industry experience within telecoms, retail, fintech, insurance, and shipping industries.

He will be part of HLT’s new implementations and upgrade drive as HLT expands its software engineering internationally to support ongoing growth.

“I am excited to join the Hermes technology team,” said Marcus Campbell, CTO, HLT

“I will make it our mission to accelerate our digital transformation and use technology innovation to deliver the next generation of cargo systems for our customers.”

Marcus joins as HLT successfully completes back-to-back Hermes 5 (H5) virtual systems upgrades for customers including various locations for Menzies, dnata in Amsterdam, andWFS in Frankfurt (FCS).

H5 rollouts are a first step for users to adopt HLT’s New Generation (NG) ecosystem (Hermes NG).

Hermes NG includes Hermes Cloud Cargo Management System and Hub Management System, Hermes NG BI and Datalakes, Hermes Self-Serve Apps, and Hermes Landside Management.

Hermes NG data can be used with Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning algorithms to help decision making and optimise business and handling processes.

“HLT’s growth and the ability to have a global workforce lead’s HLT to recruit new talent in the UK, India, and the Middle East,” said Yuval Baruch, Chief Executive Officer (CEO), HLT.

“Being location agnostic allows us to pick the right resources regardless of where they are.”

Marcus replaces Alex Labonne in the role, who leaves a legacy at HLT for Marcus to build on including HLT’s New Generation ecosystem (Hermes NG).

“Marcus will support the ongoing development of our Digital Ecosystem bringing a rich history of tech expertise,” said Yuval.

“We are focused on Next Gen solutions for the supply chain and Marcus’ track record of developing and implementing new ideas will be invaluable as we move forward. Alex was instrumental in the development of our digital strategy and we wish him the best with his new role.”

The next few months at HLT will see the company focusing on moving forward with the major new implementation started earlier this year as well as working with existing companies to continue the upgrades effort.


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