Intelligent Audit appoints Hannah Testani as CEO


Multimodal freight audit and transportation leader, Intelligent Audit announced that its board of directors has appointed Hannah Testani as the company’s CEO. 

Yosie Lebovich, who founded Intelligent Audit (IA) and has led the company as CEO for nearly three decades, will transition to the role of chief technology officer, where he will be able to dedicate his full time and attention to leading the company’s research and development efforts that helped set IA apart as a best-in-class industry leader, says release. 

Paul Finley, previously vice president of operations, will succeed Hannah as chief operating officer. The board has appointed Emil Lebovich to a newly created executive position, chief innovation officer, where he will focus on continuous innovation and pushing the boundaries of the Intelligent Audit product and technology.

Hannah, having served as chief operating officer for nearly 12 years, has been instrumental in the evolution of Intelligent Audit’s solution over that period and has been a driving force behind the company’s success in recent years, including IA’s 70% year-over-year revenue growth in 2020. Her vision has aligned well with the needs of the market and her extensive industry and product knowledge will continue pushing Intelligent Audit forward.

“I’ve been learning how to do this for more than 20 years. Intelligent Audit is a pillar of my life,” said Hannah.

“I’ve worn almost every hat across the company and watched as we grew up from a small office with five employees to the rapidly growing, global enterprise we are today with more than 100 employees spanning five continents. I take so much pride in the company that Yosie built and I’m comforted knowing that, as CTO, he will get to focus on what he loves most while I focus on serving and growing our customer base and enhancing the value of the Intelligent Audit solution,” she added.


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