Thermo King launches high-tech, superior efficiency T-80E series refrigeration units for reefer trucks


Thermo King, a cold chain marketplace product brand of Trane Technologies, has launched its product T-80E series units across the Asia Pacific market.

As the next-generation product based on the Thermo King T series, T-80E series features a new improved version of the control software, and are equipped with long-life electronic evaporator fans. It delivers greater refrigeration capacity with more accurate temperature control ability.

 “The newly launched T-80E series units have many highlights:  improved accuracy of temperature control in the truck’s cold compartment; an engine with lower emissions to the environment, higher performance, longer life, lower maintenance cost, and better cost efficiency, contributing to the lower total cost of ownership,” Thermo King said in a press communiqué.

“By optimising the airflow design, and with great refrigeration capacity, the air flows to the bottom of the compartment to effectively solve the refrigeration problem during parking so that the design of the unit can perform in even the harshest of conditions, right up to 550C which has been proven by extensive filed trials and thousands of running hours.”

“As tested, the measured refrigeration performance of the T-80E series units is better than those of their predecessors based on the same test standard. More particularly, at 300C ambient temperature, the capacity of T-80E series units on engine power ranges from 7100W to 8150W when the return air to the evaporator is at 0 degree Celsius, and from 3700W to 4100W at -200C,” the statement read.

Jeffrey Huang, Leader of Product Management and Engineering of Thermo King- Asia Pacific said, “The T-80E series continues Thermo King’s tradition of customer-centric innovation It shifts the performance of the Thermo King independent units to a higher level with accurate temperature control, greater refrigeration capacity and efficient airflow management. We will continue to uphold our innovation commitment and provide customers with temperature control transport products and solutions exceeding their expectations, while driving the further development of the cold chain market.”

The T-80E series integrates a variety of outstanding innovations. With extensive test optimisations and the outstanding system design and logic control, the units have achieved the industry-leading goal: a temperature control accuracy of less than ±1.20C at normal ambient temperatures as tested in accordance with applicable standards. As a result, temperature-sensitive goods can be better protected.

Meanwhile, this series provides various options in temperature control accuracy, a dual-temperature solution, and water heating. The units feature the remote monitoring function to monitor the temperature changes within the compartment throughout the entire transportation process to ensure the safety of the transported goods.

In addition, the highly functional EMC series controllers are also easy to operate, ensuring accurate temperature control when transporting any product. It easily meets the needs of simultaneous transportation of different goods, improves transportation efficiency, shortens distribution routes, and reduce operating costs.

The EMC controller with graphical display and multi-language capability is easy to use. Furthermore, the units have alert levels for oil and coolant levels in addition to programmable service intervals and regular maintenance reminders. The electrical and engine components are easy for service access. The USB port enables communications with the PC Monitor software which supports easy unit configuration and data download.

Simply put, the key components of the T-80E series units have the following advantages:

High performance and high security

The T-80E series is equipped with compressors that are corrosion-resistant, perform better, and last longer. Additionally, the series also features the spring-loaded exhaust valve plates, which are lifted as a whole at excessive high pressure to achieve the purpose of discharging and ensure the safe operation of the compressors and the units.

Low fuel consumption and low operating cost

The T-80E series is highly efficient and achieve the balance between fuel consumption and performance, providing sufficient refrigeration capacity in a variety of ambient environments to protect the goods. The included EMC controller efficiently manages all functions of the units and its advanced fuel-saving technology greatly improves fuel efficiency. The maintenance interval is up to 2,000 hours (EMI2000), which effectively reduces the maintenance cost.

Low emission and low pollution

The T-80E series is also equipped with an efficient engine that reduces fuel consumption by 15 percent compared to similar products in the industry under the same ambient conditions and is superior in reducing environmental emissions and noise pollution. The longer maintenance interval of 2,000 hours/24 months reduces liquid leakage and waste emissions, creating less pollution to the environment. Additionally, 99.7 percnet of the unit materials are recyclable to minimise the environmental impact.

With more than 80 years of experience in transport temperature control solutions, Thermo King provides cold chain solutions for all kinds of transport systems. From railway to the highway and marine transportation, from containers to trailers and trucks, its solutions cover the entire cold chain. Since the invention of the first transport refrigeration unit in 1938, Thermo King has been working to provide innovative solutions to meet various market challenges.


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