A forwarder is as efficient as their adaptability and flexibility to change

SL Sharma, Chairman, Skyways Group


Skyways Group has emerged as the country’s top freight forwarder over the last decade. With offices in 26 cities of India and abroad branches– 2 in Bangladesh, 2 in Vietnam, and 1 in Germany, the company holds the credibility of offering a full spectrum of logistics operations supported by group subsidiaries- Forin Container Line, Phantom Express, sKart Global Express, as well as MyLogistics Gurukul that creates industry-ready talent. Also specialised in industrial and projects transportation services, providing tailor-made solutions for engineering, construction and petrochemical industries, Skyway’s team of specialists understands the requisites of each commodity’s supply chain.

Creating a positive impact every day

A freight forwarder is as efficient as their adaptability and flexibility to change. Every day we encounter unique situations and newer terrains as an opportunity to become a-better-version-of-ourselves.

The outbreak has been the most challenging period for all industries in the last 50 years. Skyways was quick off the blocks as the lockdown was imposed on the midnight of March 24. Our leadership team had pre-empted the lockdown, a few weeks in advance and had created a business continuity plan for the period. This helped us to quickly adapt to the new world and continue to serve our customers.

Putting an effective shipping strategy

A forwarder needs to keep on designing expedited solutions and cost-competitive services over time.

Since coming into operations, Skyways has been creating and implementing cost-effective solutions for its customers. We are constantly working with our airline and vessel partners to bring in improved service levels.

Thinking through processes and people

At Skyways, we are agile and react to every challenge immediately. The pandemic gave us a completely new world; lower volumes but bigger challenge to handle them.

The time taken for execution of each shipment went up manifold. Our operations team had huge challenges on the back of low physical presence of on-ground teams due to the lockdown. Lesser airline capacity meant we could offer lesser solutions for our customers. However, we were quick to step-up to this challenge and moved 11 charters over 75 days to service our customer’s business and successfully meet their needs.

Building operations around scale and efficiency

Skyways has always kept customer demands at the center when planning and preparing a business strategy. The requirement of any customer/business constantly changes and it is important that the solutions we design for them also improve in line with their demands.

Capitalising on capabilities

Freight forwarding operations are the most critical functions. One can have the best procurement processes and sales success, but if operational planning and capability is weak, everything will fall like a house of cards.

Skyways has always given high importance to operations and constantly up-skills team members in product operations. We organise workshops for our sales, accounts and other departments to also spend time in operations for better understanding of all functions.

Technology will positively affect bottom-line

Any business today has to pour money into building or acquiring cutting-edge technology. Skyways has been investing steadily in technology from the mid-1990s. We have constantly upgraded our ERP software systems and implemented new analytical tools, enabling the teams to service the business better. Our current ERP and customer engagement tool have hugely benefited us– helped to improve customer experience and increase efficiency and profitability.

Effective Communication- concise, meaningful and intelligible

On a personal note, I have seen challenging periods in the past, such as the Gulf War of 1991, 9/11, and now, this pandemic. The one common tool to be able to fight through these difficult times is ‘effective communication’.

A two-way communication channel to know the issues at the other side and also communicating how we would solve them has been an important factor for the success of Skyways over the years. Even in the post-lockdown scenario, we are reaching out to each connected stakeholder and keeping them appraised of available challenges and the solutions worked out to keep their business moving.


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