Confidence and self-belief is supreme

Sandeep Chadha, Founder & CEO, Warehouster Capital


Industry overview

It has been a long journey. I commenced business operations at a micro-level. When it comes to technological changes – the penetration, width, scale, I have witnessed lots of changes over all these years. Over the long haul, the modus operandi has changed but the fundamentals remain the same.  A well-located and uniquely poised property still gets the same return on investment irrespective.

As far as logistics and warehousing is concerned, the sector has evolved. It’s near maturing and is on the cusp of an inflexion point. The booming e-commerce business and robust overall demand from across the sectors makes warehousing an attractive and fulfilling option. Earlier, it was more physical, more value-based and equally viable. The onslaught of technology has made it smoother. It can be more thoroughly validated now, keeping in mind the technology but overall the fundamentals remain same. The due diligence has been eased, the valuation is thorough and the execution is smoother of late. Well, the technology is an enabler, the execution is faster and the timelines are shorter, we are in a new era thanks to the new developments. The customers’ expectations are high and the incumbents are adapting accordingly.

Strategies for survival

These are unprecedented times. There is a lot of uncertainty and chaos on offer. One has to stay steadfast and relentless. Things will take their own time to normalise but the key is to keep basics right and be pursuant irrespective. Of course, a pandemic of this nature comes with its own repercussions but at the same time it gives scope for deliberations, for contemplations, for brainstorming. Keep your best foot forward and hope for the best.

Mantra for success

There is no mantra as such. One should follow the basics and stay optimistic. The persistency makes all the difference. If the fundamentals are followed, if the energy is put into, if the drive is there, success will follow. The belief in the value proposition and a positive deliverance of the entire ecosystem makes all the difference. The sooner or later those who think they can make a difference ultimately are the ones who do.

Interests and hobbies

I read and it’s always fulfiling. I travel a lot and it’s never without learning. I try to learn and imbibe from the various cultures I encounter. I meditate and internalise. Catching up with classic world cinema detoxes me, it’s almost always therapeutic.

Values for success

I keep it basic. I am optimistic by nature. My beliefs and value systems are driven by the realisation that every cog in the value system matters. That keeping it grounded and personal always reciprocates. Humility, concern and responsiveness are the tenets that come natural to me. One who scales is the one who starts from the scratch and includes everyone along the way.

Weekend plans

I recollect and mediate. I read. I catch up on current affairs. Above all, I take time out and strategise for the week ahead. Exercising is a regular affair as well. It’s very important to detox and plan ahead.

Message for aspirants

Just believe in yourself. Confidence and self-belief is supreme. Plan your future and work from there upon. Persistence moves mountain. Decide a goal and then give it your all.


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