Allcargo rolls out ECU360 in India to aid speed and digital growth among logistics players


India’s largest end-to-end integrated logistics service provider has rolled out the online booking facility on its digital platform– ECU360 in India.

Allcargo Logistics says the entirely automated digital service will help the small and medium-sized freight forwarders and the CHAs in India to achieve speed and business growth with instant bookings, instant quotation and real-time pricing.

The first-of-its-kind online platform primarily focusses on providing agility, cost-effectiveness and quality services. Using the platform, customers can book their shipments online based on end-to-end quotes from ECU360. They can track and trace the booked shipments from the point of origination and destination with real-time updates.

Powered by Hyper-Converged Infrastructure (HCI) technology, ECU360 offers facilities like generation of invoices, e-bills of lading, e-delivery orders and e-payment facilities. In addition, it comes with .SB file upload option, a convenient feature which facilitates autofill of relevant fields in the booking form, making it easier and faster for users to fill up the booking form and complete the booking process, within seconds. The same information then subsequently gets cascaded to the Shipping Instructions page, enabling the customers to complete their online SI submission in the blink of an eye, making the process seamless.

All that the customers need to do is, upload the .sb flat in the digital portal ECU360 and confirm the correctness of the pre-filled details, to be in order. The booking and shipping are entirely automated on this platform.

ECU360 launched internationally in 2018 has emerged as the most sought-after online destination for global trade, as it offers door-to-door quotes of more than 55+ countries with pickup and delivery options. Apart from offering comprehensive cargo visibility to the customers throughout the cargo shipping cycle, it leverages a multimodal operational mechanism to facilitate the transportation of shipments across diverse operational touch points.

Vaishnav Shetty, Executive Director at the global subsidiary of Allcargo Logistics- ECU Worldwide said, “ECU360 will accelerate that transformation by offering a transparent interface, seamless cargo mobility, and a comprehensive overview of the overall supply chain to its clients. In fact, ECU360 has already set up an industry benchmark of its own in customer delight with its unmatched global pricing and thoughtfully designed automated booking procedure.”

Shetty said, “In the post-pandemic world, customers across the globe are moving from a traditional approach to digitally optimised service offerings. On the other hand, the Indian logistics industry is quickly maturing by adopting superior systems and reforms in operations and customer service.”

Shetty added, “Shippers and freight forwarders have realised that digitalisation is the way forward to simplify the day-to-day operations. However, excessive digitalisation sometimes adds a different type of complexity in operations. ECU360 aims to reduce the operational complexity with its customised services.”

ECU360 has developed strong traction in the global logistics landscape and the tool is being widely used across mature markets like the Americas, Germany, UK, Canada, etc.


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