JNPT, Antwerp Port Training & Consultancy Foundation announce course in Breakbulk cargo handling


With the demand for upgraded skills for port-led development increasing, JNPT-Antwerp Port Training & Consultancy Foundation has announced an online course in breakbulk handling at the training centre. The programme has been devised after extensive consultations between both the ports and other stakeholders.

The aim of this online course is to provide training and expertise to port professionals and share the best practices prevailing at the leading terminals of Port of Antwerp. The online training sessions are led by faculty from APEC, Belgium and the Indian Experts, the sessions will be attended by officers from the government as well as private ports.

Commenting on the training program, Sanjay Sethi, IAS, Chairman, JNPT said, “The participation in this course will help create common understanding of the safety and efficiency standards which will ensure safe and timely cargo handling. We intend to host many such courses after feedback from the private sector and the major ports. We are delighted with our APEC association, who has trained over 14,000 trainees from across 150 countries, since its inception making it the natural choice of Port-related trainings for port officials.”


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