Kuehne+Nagel signs pact with West Pharmaceuticals, invests in contract and road logistics


Kuehne+Nagel Ireland recently signed a multi-year contract with West Pharmaceuticals, a renowned global manufacturer for biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies.

Kuehne+Nagel is also said to have invested in a custom-built facility dedicated for the management of West Pharmaceutical’s road logistics and contract logistics services. The company’s warehouse comprises racking for approximately 30,000 pallets and has a fully designed temperature-controlled system to accommodate the unique requirements pertaining to West Pharmaceutical’s complex operation.

Pamela Quinn, Managing Director, Kuehne+Nagel Ireland said, “When engaging with customers, we have a collaborative method, working in partnership to derive bespoke solutions that will work for our customer’s needs.”

“The set-up of complex supply chain solutions for a large company like West Pharmaceuticals can often take a long time. From the very beginning of our relationship with West Pharmaceuticals, we were committed to investing the time to understand their full logistical requirements. Our strength lies in our ability to offer innovative solutions to customers on a wide range of logistical services,” Quinn added.

Ireland is said to be one of the largest exporters of pharmaceutical products globally. Kuehne+Nagel, apart from the dedicated West Pharmaceuticals facility, will be expanding operations further at nine different locations in Ireland which are fully devoted to the medtech and pharmaceutical industries.

Michael Moes, Vice President – Global Supply Management of West Pharmaceuticals said, “Customer focussed approach of Kuehne+ Nagel was an appealing strategy that offered many benefits. West and Kuehne+Nagel have embarked on a critical and global partnership for both contract logistics and overland transportation. We’ve specifically engaged with the company’s Ireland leadership team and benefitted from their expertise and personalised customer focussed approach, while at the same time leveraging the breadth and depth of the global Kuehne+Nagel team – it’s a winning approach.”

“Particularly, we worked closely with the Kuehne+Nagel Ireland team on the strategy to secure land, build and manage a dedicated warehouse, allowing our West Pharmaceuticals operations in Dublin to focus and deliver on its core technical and manufacturing competency,” Moes added.


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