LogiNext launches industry’s first end-to-end, SaaS-based COVID-19 vaccine SCM platform


India-based global technology and automation company, LogiNext has announced the launch of ‘LogiNext Mile’ a COVID-19 vaccine supply chain management and tracking platform, and presumably the world’s first, the company says.

LogiNext Mile is a complete all-mile transportation automation platform which can be used for tech-enabled management of vaccine distribution. The SaaS platform can be deployed for complete visibility and tracking of the vaccine distribution right from the point of origin at the manufacturing units to the last-mile.

The solution can be used for the entire chain, or a part of the solution can be used for:

  • Visibility and tracking: LogiNext Mile gives a real-time dashboard via which managers can keep track of all logistical movement and orchestrate a distribution plan.
  • Demand forecasting and order scheduling: Operators now have the capability to accurately forecast the needs across the globe according to which orders on the first mile can be triggered.
  • Detailed analytics: LogiNext’s expertise in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning capabilities gives its clients (healthcare enterprises, governmental organisations, carriers and 3PLs) an added advantage in the form of detailed and accurate analytics on all the legs of the supply chain.

With several parts of the globe in the grips of a second or third wave of the COVID-19 pandemic, vaccine trials are on and a reliable supply chain mechanism for the vaccine distribution is the need of the hour.

Building the digital backbone for a global logistics movement, LogiNext has been at the forefront of the automation technology revolution. During the nascent phases of the pandemic, LogiNext proactively started working on a solution which is now available for government and healthcare organisations.

Dhruvil Sanghvi, Chief Executive Officer of LogiNext said, “We have been working hard for a while now on this vaccine tracking solution including some key features for the cold chain. We’re very proud to launch the first solution to manage a complex supply chain around COVID-19 vaccine from manufacturing facilities all the way till the last-mile.”

“Talks are ongoing for pilots with several organisations and our team of experienced engineers have worked round the clock to get the best-in-class solution available. We’re extremely proud of what the team has been able to achieve and it is proof for how technology can be used for good,” said Manisha Raisinghani, CTO, LogiNext.

The LogiNext Mile platform is available to be tested and deployed anywhere across the globe for the vaccine distribution. It is already in use by 100+ Fortune 1000 companies serving industries like Healthcare, Retail, Transport, e-commerce and CEP over the past decade and this platform.


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