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MyLogistics Gurukul joins forces with SpiceJet to provide training for cold chain vaccine handling


MyLogisticsGurukul and SpiceJet have come together to ensure each aspect of sensitive cold chain handling management (or SOPs) are taught to teams who will lay hands on the vaccine when it comes out, effectively ensuring safe handling, storage and transport of it from the first to last-mile and door-to-door delivery.

A trained team will be absolute key to avoid any loss of efficacy due to thermal shock during transit and storage, familiarity with the regularity and compliances, and social and commercial impact due to rejection of goods as well as many other unexpected reasons.

The training is being delivered online pan-India over the duration of 2 days. Batches consisting of 25 participants, including more than 500 SpiceXpress (SpiceJet cargo arm) employees will be trained in sessions of 4 hours daily in sensitive cold chain vaccine handling.

SpiceJet has been an active player in the COVID period for the cargo industry by adding capacity and creating new routes to serve Indian EXIM needs. The carrier has taken some great initiatives in preparation for vaccine distribution, such as tying up with various industry players for seamless transportation and storage of vaccine.

The one key factor for ensuring there is seamless handling of the vaccine is to train the SpiceJet team in the nuances of the vaccine handling, storage and movement needs in the international and domestic transportation chain.

MyLogistics Gurukul is the premier training academy providing specialised training to industry personnel to boost efficiency in the logistics and freight forwarding industry. It works closely with industry experts to create and customise programs that can bridge the knowledge gap.



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