Nationwide roll out of its WMS helps Spoton Logistics reduce vehicle load time by 20%


The national roll-out of express logistics company Spoton’s new cloud-based warehouse management system (WMS) has been able to bring down the vehicle loading time by 20 per cent by optimising operations at its logistics hubs, the company has said.

Some of the other key benefits, the company said, include reduced shortage creation, accurate inventory tracking, enhanced space utilisation, improvement in productivity, visibility of pieces (shortage/ access), among others. Its customers stand to benefit with streamlined processes from order to delivery, accurately determined inventory, reduced picking errors, more realistic delivery dates, and enhanced overall customer service.

Abhik Mitra, CEO, Spoton Logistics, said, “In the year 2020, we have channelised our resources to further strengthen our IT capabilities thereby ensuring smarter logistics operations. We believe that COVID-19 will continue to impact and complicate supply chains, but we haven’t and won’t let that be a roadblock in our continued growth. Moving ahead with the same vigour, we will continue to innovate and deliver value to our customers by unlocking frictions and helping them achieve better-than-anticipated business outcomes.”

Uday Sharma, COO, Spoton Logistics said, “Technology has been a key driver in our fast-paced growth. The induction of the WMS has brought many changes, the biggest of them being the reduced vehicle loading time, helping us significantly increase productivity. With this implementation, we have also set the bedrock for the adoption of automatic guided vehicles that we have started to implement in our logistics hubs with a view to reducing human effort and further increase productivity.”

Earlier, in October, Spoton Logistics expanded its logistics network by scaling up logistics hubs in Nagpur, Bengaluru, and Chennai to expand the deliveries during the festive season and support future growth in the regions.


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