Rise in global cargo theft trend, South America tops the list


In the latest report concerning the cargo theft trend all over the world, South America records the highest rate of cargo truck hijackings in the world in 2019. This has been revealed in the recently published report titled ‘BSI & TT Club Cargo Theft Report 2020‘. The report that focuses on cargo theft trend in 2019 in comparison to that of 2018 states that, in South America’s context, cargo truck hijackings were evident particularly in Brazil, where BSI and TT Club recorded the overwhelming majority of theft incidents. “Other notable countries for cargo theft in 2019 include Argentina, Peru, and Chile, which also tend to see frequent cargo truck hijacking incidents,” the report asserted.

The full report carried out the data in five different segments and regions which include Europe, Asia, North America, South America, and, Middle East & Africa. The theft report recorded theft value of $26,000, $11,577, $80,000, $33,000, and $100,000 respectively in Europe, Asia, North America and South America.

Global Cargo Theft Trends 2019 (Source: BSI & TTClub)

The types of cargo theft in the year 2019 all over the world recorded hijacking as the most common type of theft. Other types of theft include theft from vehicle, slash and grab, theft from facility and also the theft of vehicle.

BSI and TT Club noted various trends among recorded cargo theft incidents. “These trends include both the overwhelming targeting of cargo trucks for theft compared to all other modalities as well as the food and beverage industry suffering from the most theft incidents. Both of these trends remained consistent from 2018,” the report stated.

In Asia’s context, the reports revealed that cargo thieves in India and China are similar in profile and employ a wide range of tactics. For now, security is an issue that the logistics industry is facing and it needs to tackle it well as soon as possible.


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