TVS SCS signs exclusive procurement and distribution contract with Siemens


TVS Supply Chain Solutions (TVS SCS) has signed a contract with Siemens in the UK to provide supply chain and logistics services to support the global technology powerhouse across several of its Smart Infrastructure business units.

Under the contract, TVS SCS will provide forward and reverse logistics services for smart metering to Siemens-managed services, in addition to the procurement and supply of associated smart metering consumable products.

This will support Siemens’ field engineers nationwide in their operations of installing smart electricity and gas meters.

TVS SCS’ supply chain transformation expetise and smart metering capability are highly adaptable to wide-ranging customer requirements, including both large and small-scale clients. Its data-driven solutions provide the visibility required to design, implement and manage supply chains using optimised inventory management, rationalised supplier bases and quality-managed products, storage and distribution services.

Paul Bramwell, Head of Project Procurement- Siemens Smart Infrastructure UK said, “We are thrilled to be working with TVS SCS to consolidate the Siemens Smart Infrastructure logistics requirements and support our nationwide smart meter installations roll out TVS were selected for their expertise in the field of supply chain and logistics services. We look forward to developing a collaborative partnership that will deliver an efficient and seamless process that provides our customers with a first-class service.”

As part of the contract, TVS will also be providing supply chain and logistics services to the technology company’s Regional Solutions & Services Europe (REU) and Distribution Services (DS) business units.

Andrew Jones, CEO of TVS Europe & North America expressed, “We are delighted to be working with Siemens within their Smart Infrastructure division. We have listened carefully to their requirements and developed a solution which will deliver high levels of efficiency and an end-to-end supply chain solution. We will take a partnership approach to the relationship to ensure that our new customer is delighted with the service we provide and the results that we deliver to support their goals and future ambitions.”

TVS SCS is one of the largest companies in the third party logistics and supply chain sector in India, and has been able to provide integrated solutions globally by leveraging its niche digital capabilities and strong footprint across the UK/Europe, Asia and the US. While being highly customer-focussed, TVS SCS has been at the forefront of using technology in the supply chain domain.

The strategy of seamlessly integrating its unique digital capabilities with its wide physical network helps TVS SCS to drive operational efficiencies and ensure cost optimisation for its clients. The company is fast adopting machine learning, artificial intelligence, internet of things (IoT), and vision technology to develop new mobility solutions for its customers. The combination of providing integrated solutions and intelligent digital interventions is expected to propel TVS SCS to continue to grow and expand its footprint.


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