XpressBees adopts ESG policy into governance, operations and management


The country’s fastest growing express door-to-door service provider, XpressBees announced it has adopted the Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) policy. The ESG policy at XpressBees outlines the organisations’ approach towards responsible investment, sustainability, and its impact on society and the environment.

The ESG policy is recognised world over as a means to build sustainable, equitable, healthy, and diverse business practices. ESG processes and procedures primarily focus on non-financial performance as an indicator that addresses environmental impact, social safety and inclusion, as well as governance of such practices.

Amitava Saha, CEO and co-founder of XpressBees said, “Enhancing our sustainability quotient and positive community impact is as important to us as business growth and expansion. The two cannot and must not be decoupled. Implementing ESG empowers us to put this in practice across the country.”

According to the Pune-based company, some significant measures such as recycling paper and using recycled paper for corporate artefacts; waste segregation, recycling and responsible disposal; all-employee trainings on preventing occupation health and safety (OHS) risks; and enhancing employment opportunities for local communities have been put in practice already.

While the focus is on environmental and social criteria, the company is cognisant of the fact that strong governance is a precursor. And indeed is the difference between adopting not just the letter of laws but also their spirit. To facilitate this, the company has also appointed Abhinav Mishra, as its Nodal Officer- the company’s current Head of Security, Loss, Prevention, and Vigilance. With his team of ESG champions, Abhinav is determined to grow XpressBees ESG practices and their impact across board.


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