Maersk’s digital solutions keep supply chains moving amid COVID-19 crisis


Maersk, the global integrator of container logistics has urged its customers to make full use of the company’s online platforms in the interest of ensuring safety for all. Effectively leveraging pre-existing high impact digital platforms, Maersk seeks to assure its customers smooth service amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

Maersk’s digital solutions for customers

The company’s online platforms, starting with its website, along with products such as Maersk Spot, Twill, Captain Peter and others are available for customers to easily get online quotes, make instant online bookings, move goods across land and sea by truck, train or ship, with guarantee and full visibility of the cargo’s journey. Maersk’s official website is one single platform which helps customers with online quote request, instant booking confirmation, managing and tracking shipments, free time calculation, tariff enquiry and online live chat support 24*7.

Maersk Spot: Digital pricing solution for guaranteed loading which turns out to be an extremely important and deciding factor in current uncertainties. Maersk Spot is available for both ocean as well as inland transportation.

Twill: Easy solutions for smaller and less experienced customers who can be handheld through the complex processes of shipping

Maersk shipment and MyFinance Mobile Apps: Enable customers to perform all the necessary transactions on the smartphone remotely while on the move.

Sphere: Offering customers full transparency on their shipments, by showing all the actions that need to be taken and when, both by the customer and the carrier. It explains customers what each action means and how it can be completed. Sphere thus helps experienced customers to better organize and prioritize their own work and also guides new customers through steps that need to be taken though the shipping cycle.

Going a step further, Maersk has also enabled its customers to pay digitally instead of physically visiting counters for payment. The company’s web platform acts as a complete imports and payment solution desk for where customers can ensure crucial activities like instructions for manifesting their cargo, Container Freight Station (CFS) nomination, Delivery Order release, Telex release, and so on.

Managing Director for Maersk South Asia Steve Felder said, “We are in the business of moving goods, and especially during times like these, it is crucial that we understand the importance of keeping cargo moving. It could be crisis-essential cargo and it is our responsibility to play a role in supporting the entire system in best possible manner. Our customer experience and service teams, through the readily-available plethora of digital platforms, are ensuring our customers’ cargo keeps moving.”

Maersk is accepting payments through multiple online modes including RTGS, NEFT and Payment Gateway (bill desk). 90% of Maersk’s customers enjoy online bill of lading (B/l) facility which can be printed/released from their own offices with Maersk’s stationery. Import Delivery orders are 100% digital. Also, for Import key clients, various solutions like Advance DO (Delivery Order) are available to reduce supply chain defects.

Over the last few years, Maersk has increasingly invested in its digital platforms to find new ways to simplify container transport, cut down on turnaround time, reduce costs and boost transparency for its customers worldwide.


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