Ports of Guangzhou and Rotterdam further strengthen cooperation


The South China port of Guangzhou and European port of Rotterdam have renewed sister port agreement following the first two-year partnership agreement signed in 2019.

The two ports established sister port relationship in 2019 and had been worked on shipping routes development and talents exchanges since the last two years.

Both organisations are sharing expertise and best practices in the field of port management. This partnership is in line with the Port of Rotterdam Authority’s strategic goals to share its knowledge and expertise with ports around the world and establish itself as a frontrunner in the development of new markets.

Like Rotterdam, Guangzhou ranks as a versatile and one of the world’s largest container ports that has grown – and is still growing – on the back of its massive container handling capabilities, among other activities.

In 2020, three container shipping routes had been opened-up between the two ports.

“We are expecting to cooperate with the port of Rotterdam on green port development, information technology and staff training to improve service capability and level of our port,” said Yuan Yue, Deputy Director of Guangzhou Port Authority.

Currently, Guangzhou port operates 137 international container shipping services.


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