Rapido launches one-stop solution ‘Rapido Store’ for business delivery needs


Bike-taxi platform, Rapido has announced the launch of its new service called Rapido Store for businesses in Bengaluru and Vijayawada. The service is meant to assist offline and online businesses with customer deliveries in the most affordable and trusted manner.

Rapido currently has over 200 SMEs on-board for the service. The base price of the service starts at Rs 35 for 3 km in Bengaluru, and Rs 30 for 3 km in Vijayawada. Users can recharge their wallets and create an order to avail of the service. Users will also be able to track all their deliveries to multiple customers simultaneously.

Rapido Co-Founder, Aravind Sanka said, “India is home to 30 million Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs), with many of them at the nascent stage of their digital transformation. The sudden and prolonged change in the social and business landscape has caused apprehensions among local and smaller businesses. Rapido Store will give these businesses and entrepreneurs an opportunity to maintain continuity and also increase sales by reaching out to new customers by leveraging Rapido’s extensive network. The service will allow these businesses to overcome manpower and mobility challenges by helping them deliver their orders and save time.”

In the coming months, the mobility platform plans to expand Rapido Store service to close to 100 cities, where it is already operating.


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