DMIDC Logistics Data Services upgrades LDB portal to provide greater visibility and enhance network management


Delhi Mumbai Industrial Corridor Development Corporation (DMICDC) Logistic Data Services (DLDS) has revamped its cargo tracking portal Logistics Data Bank (LDB) for its cargo and logistics services customers.

The redesigned LDB portal now provides detailed voyage tracking of EXIM containers with end-to-end tracking map view. Earlier, information was provided only for the next destination but now detailed information can be accessed about loading and unloading of containers at ports.

Users can do multiple containers tracking as well as group container tracking through a grid console to enable user-friendly engagement.

With lockdown still imposed across various parts of the country, logistics players need to plan the movement of goods efficiently to strengthen operations and supply chain resilience. While users were getting benefited by tracking their cargo through one track and trace service, they now can do much more with the upgraded Logistics Data Bank (LDB) portal.

“We did a lot of brainstorming to see how we could help shape the portal and information to better suit those who need it the most,” said Surajit Sarkar, COO, DLDS. “LDB users can now see dwell time of containers at Ports, CFSs, ICDs on a real-time basis. We have also added the feature of gate cut off and expected vessel departure information to enable our customers to plan their daily operations efficiently.”

Speaking about the project update, Ichiro Oshima, CEO, DLDS said, “The new portal is designed to empower our customers to mitigate risks in the current challenging times. The interactive map with DPE/DPD and next delivery information will make it easier for users to plan and monitor their operations.”

The LDB portal is the flagship project of DLDS which aims to bring visibility and transparency in the Indian logistics system through an IoT, Big Data, and Cloud-based visualisation platform. To track the consignment, stakeholders need to log into the website ( or mobile application using the container numbers. Analytical reports on congestion analysis and performance benchmarking are provided to stakeholders to identify bottlenecks during the transition.

In December 2017, DLDS announced the launch of the pan-India operation of its LDB service and in May 2020, DLDS completed tracking 25 million containers with the LDB portal.


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