Ports of Auckland launches application for digital data exchange between master and pilot


Ports of Auckland announced that its digital product ‘eMPX’ is now available to global pilots and ports, helping optimise end-to-end master-pilot exchange (MPX) process.

As a cloud-based service, eMPX runs on a mobile device and has both admin and pilot applications. The pilot app is simple to operate and enables pilots to efficiently and easily complete their pilotage planning and exchange, while facilitating accurate and dynamic information sharing with the master.

The admin app gives ports the power to shape the entire pilotage planning process, with charts, tidal data, weather, checklists and other features all being editable.

The product already had an extensive 12-month testing and development process, with successful trialling at Napier Port, Lyttelton Port Company, and Northtugz. The solution also has an exciting roadmap of features for development, as further ports from around the globe join eMPX community, helping to shape its future.

With the release of this cloud-based, master-pilot exchange software, Ports of Auckland continues to strengthen and empower global marine pilots and ports.

“By combining cloud and mobile based technologies, with collaborative design from our pilots and masters, Ports of Auckland can deliver rapid value to ports and pilots around the world” says port CIO, Lauren Salisbury. “This gives them the tools needed to professionally manage exchanges, meeting and supporting operational procedures and regulatory demands. It also better controls on-vessel interactions which are of increasing importance in a COVID-19 world.”


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