Turkey’s YILPORT Holding joins blockchain platform TradeLens


YILPORT Holding has become the latest and the first Turkish international container terminal operator to join blockchain-enabled shipping platform TradeLens to accelerate the digitisation of global trade for importers and exporters across its network.

YILPORT- TradeLens cooperation started in July 2020 with data integration from YILPORT Gebze and Gemport Terminals to the blockchain based platform.

With a goal to tackle this waste and improve efficiency the YILPORT IT teams completed the full integration with TradeLens in a short time. Data exchanges are provided via API messages, and 6 main messages are operational between YILPORT and TradeLens. These messages are; gate in, gate out, vessel load, vessel discharge, actual load date list and actual discharge date list. The goal is to replace the old generation data exchange with near instant data flows.

“By working with TradeLens, YILPORT Holding will accelerate the digitisation of global trade for importers and exporters across our network. Modernising the processes through which logistics operates is critical to building more robust and efficient supply chains and will help with economic development and value creation for all parties,” said YILPORT Holding CIO Mark WOOTTON.

TradeLens makes it easy to view, control and manage end-to-end container shipping-related data. For YILPORT, the integration with TradeLens will improve operational efficiency and bring together data from across the entire global supply chain ecosystem, including shippers, shipping lines, agencies, port operators, customs authorities, financial service providers and many more supply chain players.

More than 120 events in the supply chain can be tracked in near real-time with data directly from the source like YILPORT’s connection.

“We are excited to work with YILPORT and its extensive international footprint. By working with innovative ports and terminals, we can jointly promote the benefits of a truly global digitally connected supply chain,” said Thomas Sproat, Senior Director Network Development, GTD Solution Inc.

“Earlier visibility of containerised cargo for those managing assets within the supply chain allows for improved yard planning, as well as the ability to offer new services to importers and exporters who rely on ports and terminals as a key element of the global supply chain,” added Sproat.

YILPORT is among more than 150 diverse organisations worldwide involved in the TradeLens platform, which was launched in August 2019, just six months after the blockchain collaboration between IBM and Maersk was announced in January 2018.

“As YILPORT we are now a part of one of the largest global logistics ecosystems. Joining a technology platform like TradeLens will add to our capability to deliver best-in-class service and visibility to our supply chain partners. With all terminals, we continue to future-proof our business and offer innovation to our clients and communities,” stated the port’s Terminal Operating Systems Manager Orkun CAKIR.


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