Achal Paliwal

AUTOCONNECT is doing a tremendous job.And it is indeed commendable to observe.The kind of people who are joining anddeliberating on the subject and the types ofissues touched upon are remarkable. I am sure that theelaborate discussions on the subject matter will be helpfulfor all the attendees.

Tata Motors

Amlan Bose

Conference like this is always great as itbrings all the industry brethren and expertstogether and offers the opportunity to shareour pain points and understand everyone’s line of thoughts.I am sure all of us will be going back today with some keytakeaways and some good practices that can be imbibed toinvigorate the supply chain operations further.

VP- Global COE- Asia Pacifc,
MEA, SouthAmerica, Ford Motors

R S Kapoor

What an experience it was to be a part of such a fruitful discussion on the evolution of the country’s auto supply chain. Best wishes to all the members for the upcoming events.
VP- Logistics,
Maruti Suzuki India

Vipul Nanda

Media has a great role to play in boosting the sentiments of the industry by focusing more on positive news. Undoubtedly,Surecom Media has lived up to the expectations of the industry leaders to a great extent.

Car Carrier Association

Jayaprakash Loganathan

First of all, I would like to thank SurecomMedia for giving us all the opportunity tostrike a conversation on the array of issuesIndia’s auto supply chain industry isdealing with. It is appreciable to see AUTOCONNECTestablishing a strong link between all the top industryplayers and experts and providing a platform to discussthe issues as well as new initiatives.

Sr Manager- SCM,
JK Fenner

Prerana Chaturvedi

Rather than all of us sit and wait, it’s hightime we started to work together towardsthe larger cause. It was quite an insightfulpanel discussion on the need of electricmobility in India. Also, that the other panels are quitevalue-adding.

Spokesperson and CEO

Sandeep Choudhary

AUTOCONNECT is opening up a forum forall the stakeholders to come and discuss thecurrent challenges in India’s auto supplychain industry and explore the best suitable way to curbthem in seamless manner. It is always an overwhelmingexperience to exchange the innovative ideas with industrypeers

CEO, MercurioPallia and Director

Mudit Chandra

AUTO CONNECT 2019 brought together the consortium of auto supply chain players and threw open the opportunity to exchange the innovative ideas. Now that’s an achievement in itself during a period of slowdown.

Director- Freight Marketing
Railway Board

Senthil Kumar D

I am all praise for Surecom Media toorganise such an event which cancommand the attention of seasoned autosupply chain players. It was an enriching experience tograsp the vision of stakeholders on the uptake of electricalvehicles in India and other paramountly important issues.

Lead – Sales distribution & Logistics
LCV,Ashok Leyland

Nidhish Kuchhal

Congratulations to the entire fraternity ofAUTOCONNECT. I appreciate the effortsof Surecom Media team to arrange thiswonderful event and provide networking opportunitieswith industry colleagues. Wishing the team all the best foryour future endeavours.

GM- Demand Chain Management
Mahindra & Mahindra

Ramesh Venkat

Many thanks to the entire AUTOCONNECTteam for throwing open a platform forindustry stalwarts to trigger discussions on various issues associated with autologistics and collectively making an effort to find theexpedite solutions

Head- Industry Partnerships

K Prabhakaran

Glad to be a part of such a gathering at AUTOCONNECT. It is always great to listen what industry speaks from the very people who strive to drive it in the most cost-effective manner. Having an instructive discussion on the ways to reduce logistics cost is profitable to all the attendees.

VP - Operations
Trac1 Logistics