SpiceXpress cancels Vivo shipments delivery after Hong Kong incident


Following the recent accident in Hong Kong, SpiceJet’s cargo arm SpiceXpress has decided not to ferry cargo containing Vivo’s mobile phones or accessories.

SpiceXpress took this decision after the news of mobile phone manufacturer’s cargo catching fire at the Hong Kong airport broke out. Other international airlines have also expressed similar reservations.

The Hong Kong Air Cargo Carrier had recently said in a statement, “We regret to inform you that the latest update of embargo with immediate effect, all cargo (from any agent and destination) forbidden to accept the “CargoLink Logistics HK Co Ltd” and “Sky Pacific Logistics HK Co Ltd” and or co-loader on carriage by RH or HX aircraft until further notice. Also embargo all type of “VIVO” mobile phone.”

The incident took place on April 10, when a cargo consignment of the company’s Y20 model caught fire at the Hong Kong Airport.

SpiceXpress’ official spokesperson also said in a statement, “Due to recent fire incident in Hongkong involving vivo mobile shipment caught fire at tarmac from the build-up ULD which was going to load on freighter at Hongkong station, with immediate effect acceptance of mobile & accessories shipment from company manufacturing VIVO has been restricted till further notice on all SG Flights.”

“If any undeclared or mis declared mobile shipment or accessories found during screening, tendering dangerous goods, the agent will be blacklisted. Also embargo all type of “VIVO” mobile phone.”

At present, international cargo operations are permitted on and from India.


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