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Varuna Group successfully completes 25 years of operational excellence in India’s logistics and warehousing sector


One of India’s pioneering and leading logistics companies, Varuna Group has completed 25 years in the Indian supply chain industry. Since its inception, the company’s founders have prioritized operational excellence, driven by a passion for continuous improvement through customer-centricity, transparency, and a technology-first approach.

The organisation aims to triple its warehouse capacity from the present 1.2 million sq. feet, launch Multi User Facilities (MUFs). Targets a CAGR of 20-25% from the current 15-20% and envisions emerging as a frontrunner in India’s shared logistics network operations

Established in 1996, Varuna Group was founded by two brothers Mr. Vikas Juneja and Mr. Vivek Juneja in Bareilly. Having begun operations with merely two trucks, the company today has emerged as the preferred partner for supply chain leaders who count on them for efficient management of their end-to-end logistics operations and reduced effective landed cost of products. Operating with two key lines of business – Logistics and Warehousing, Varuna Group deploys the country’s largest dry cargo container fleet comprising 1800+ vehicles powered by a robust digital infrastructure. It also manages 25+ warehousing facilities across India, spread across a total area of 1.2 million sq. ft.

As an organisation operating in the connected age, Varuna Group has been developing and leveraging digital technologies to amplify the supply chain’s efficiency through real-time tracking of shipments, thereby ensuring swift and safe deliveries to the destinations. This has ensured their customers experience sustained service excellence.

Being a trusted player in the Indian logistics ecosystem, known for setting operational benchmarks, Varuna Group adheres to a strong moral and ethical code of conduct which translates into a fair and high quality experience for all stakeholders, be it customers or employees. The company has been providing continuous support to its employees in the form of comprehensive training, mentoring, quality infrastructure and a thriving workplace to motivate them towards the shared purpose of striving for excellence.

Managing Director and Founder Mr. Vivek Juneja, Varuna Group shares that it has been an incredible 25 years of delivering excellence, where Varuna Group has seamlessly adapted according to its customer’s and industry’s demands. He addes that one of the key factors that had helped him and his team achieve this efficiency was their investment in automation and technology. He also shares examples that they had been constantly supervising their drivers through Polygon geofencing for efficient vehicle tracking and monitor through a dedicated driver application. Since fleet is considered to be the backbone of the logistics Industry, the Group emphasised their traditional as well as predictive maintenance by partnering with OEMs,

In the last 25 years, Varuna Group has catered to 500+ businesses so far across Industries such as FMCG, Electrical, Pharma, Chemical, F&B, Retail, Auto & Tyre, and FMCD. From delivering 16 million tonnes of consignments per year in 2007, the logistics company has grown to deliver 436 million tonnes in 2021. During the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020, the company continued its operations to manage and deliver essential goods for its customers seamlessly. The company is even better prepared and geared its resources to further support the nation in case as such a challenge arises again.  

Besides investing in building efficient supply chains, Varuna Group has chosen to balance growth with impact. The company aims to leave a positive footprint in our communities and environment. The socially conscious company has been striving to build a sustainable future through various CSR initiatives since 2013. It has recently focused its efforts by sponsoring Girl Child Education and granting scholarships for higher education for the girl child of their team members.

In the coming years, the company plans to expand its warehousing services by setting up multi-user warehouse facilities across key industrial and metropolitan locations and envisions emerging as India’s leading shared logistics network operator in the near future.



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